Today there are still businesses where the employee is a kind of infiltrator

When you lose that war, and you are sure that you will end up losing it, there is no going back because the client will not believe it.

Price is one of the marketing variables that consumers evaluate when considering the total value of an offer.

Clients will take into account, consciously or unconsciously, whether or not the benefits of the exchange outweigh the sacrifices.

Determining the price of a good very well, based on the value of what is offered, is something that must be penetrated in the mind of the consumer.

The price must be thought in terms of monetary cost and also the time and effort involved in purchasing the product or enjoying the service.

Service Factors:

Someone realized that, despite having a good  product, at an adequate price, in magnificent points of  sale and with exceptional packaging, if the clerk does not want to  sell that product, the product is not sold.

Everyone who works for the company must be a prescriber of it and its products from the conviction that our  products or services are the best.

If not, our product (ergo our company) will end up being ignored by a consumer with thousands of options.

Today there are still businesses where the employee is a kind of infiltrator who must be controlled.

Do you think that an employee who feels spied on is going to offer careful customer service?

Will you receive the customer with a big smile, will you solve their problems faster, will you give yourself the best service?

Is all this achieved with control?

In reality, the companies that allow decisions, that select by attitudes and develop them, that open space for creativity, that train and promote, favoring involvement with the business, awareness of the current situation and decision-making, are the They offer better customer service, which translates into more sales.

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