The use of technology does not only imply one more sales channel.

The crisis has particularly punished business models that do not provide what the customer expects or that do not know how to evolve adequately. bolts.answerhop

Therefore, it is up to us to realise the needs and desires that  society wants to satisfy, to offer our customers the  products and services they are willing to buy and to do so in a way that suits them.

Technological factors:

The question is no longer whether we will have to adapt to technology in the future.

It is evident that it is part of our life and the client uses it constantly.  tc-bolts.dyifo

Therefore, whoever does not have a digital presence will lose business and visibility.

The online channel is governed by the same rules as the physical one; Differentiation, service and shopping experience prevail to be chosen, however, it is a new way of doing business where there are no schedules or distances, where interaction is the protagonist and the customer becomes unique.  techqueer

The use of technology does not only imply one more sales channel.

All parts of the buying process can be improved through technology.

The consumer can receive timely promotions on their mobile device, capture information about a product by reading codes, make a shopping list with photographs of the products, get a response to a query on Twitter, pay without money or cards.

This does not mean that the personal treatment of traditional commerce has lost value, but we must take into account the new options of approaching the consumer.  construction-bolts.tockhop

The new consumer:

• You are connected , at any time you have a large amount of information at your disposal.

• He is digital, he is used to using technology to make purchasing decisions, information, opinions, prices ...

• It is social, thanks to social networks the circle of people with whom it relates has increased. bacobolts.yictic