Marketing has always been enriched by knowledge

On the one hand, as we already mentioned, we can use many digital tools and applications in the management of our business that will save us time and increase our productivity.

On the other, we must use technology as a lever for marketing, to know our audience and interact effectively with them . techwadia

Many small businesses use their presence on social networks only to publicize their products; characteristics, advantages, prices, promotions ...

But, from social networks, we can do much more, we can create long-term relationships that really connect emotionally with the buyer.

Social networks should not be confused with another means of advertising, promotions, discounts and contests in an intrusive way.

But as a means to get to know the client and their needs, offer quality and useful information for your audience, a means to defend your differential value, make yourself known and get truthful and credible recommendations.

Collaboration factors:

One plus one equals four.

This is what the cooperation formulas entail, whether between merchants, businesses in the area, with suppliers, competition or with the brother-in-law… Well, you can think about the last one.

With an outlook as difficult as the one ahead, collaboration is essential.

The objective is to find with whom and how to collaborate so that all parties always benefit.

Factors of the human condition:

Marketing has always been enriched by knowledge from other sciences; economics, statistics, mathematics, sociology, psychology ...

By incorporating advances in neuroscience and neuropsychology, a new discipline was produced, neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing can be well-defined as a discipline that studies the brain processes that explain the behavior and decision-making of people in the field of marketing; merchandising, product and service design, prices, advertising, communication, branding, sales ...

The information that reaches our brain through the eyes, hearing, taste, smell and touch, conditions our experiences and influences our behavior.