A key value strategic factor for any store is developing

The experience with the product is gaining ground, stimulating the customer at the point of sale becomes essential.

A key value strategic factor for any store is developing the correct combination of format and environmental factors.

Customers often look beyond functionality.

Much of the shopping experience is fairly similar, so retailers who can distinguish themselves with unusual or exciting business atmospheres will add value to their customer experience.

Design, music, color, smell, order ...

The emotional responses that are induced by the store experience can have a major impact on the amount of time and money spent in the store.

Stores that offer a more pleasant purchase encourage a good mood, which has an impact on sales.

Light is another key factor in visual merchandising, being able to determine the success or failure of a business.

Smell, hearing and, of course, sight are elements that contribute to creating a suggestive environment.

The music and the smell of your establishment are structural elements of your branding and of the brand image that your clients will keep in their memory.

Buying begins to become a social event; expert workshops, events or any activity that captures our interest, will move the customer to the store.

It is also worth talking here about loyalty programs, generally endowed with an attractive economic proposal, but why not also provide a service supplement, an emotional extra that contributes to building the brand and does not involve only a bribe that makes our clients hostages. points customers.

Proximity is a rising value and the greats know it, that is why they are increasingly diversifying their commercial formats and we began to see a pop up of Ikea, the Carrefour Express, Decathlon, etc., in the center of the city.

And we will surely see stores from Amazon, Zalando or purely online operators without much waiting.

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